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Block Shaman (CD)

Block Shaman (CD)

Planet Asia

A man ahead of his time, it has taken over two decades for the world to realize how vital Planet Asia is to Hip-Hop. He is a living legend who has somehow figured out how to stay fresh and relevant eternally. On his latest release, “Block Shaman,” he conjures up that street verified vernacular that his fans can’t get enough of. The whole affair is produced by his partners-in-crime, DirtyDiggs, who know exactly what type of beats Medallions excels on. This 9-track offering features guest spots from Rome Streetz, AA Rashid, Stylistik Jones, Phil The Agony, Defari, and Flashius Clayton.


Reverse Witchcraft
The Coastguards
Gunz N Razerz (ft. Rome Streetz)
Hebrew Pizza
Spin the Block (ft. AA Rashid & Flashius Clayton)
Tuning My Instrument (ft. Styliztik Jones)
That Old Feelin (ft. Phil The Agony & Defari)
Personal Curves (ft. Styliztik Jones)
Marble Pie

  • $15.98

  • Block Shaman (CD)
  • Block Shaman (CD)
  • Block Shaman (CD)
  • Block Shaman (CD)


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